Drone Registration, sUAS, R/C Aircraft Registration, Labels & Flight ID

Drone Registration

This registration assistance type is for those who fly model aircraft, drone (UAS) solely for recreation, and not for commercial or other non-hobby purposes.
Registration will be valid for three years.

Drone Marking Labels

Every UAS must have a FAA compliant label to mark your aircraft placed in an area which does not require special tools to access.

Labels are manufactured in an aerospace manufacturing facility using a special aircraft quality label meeting FAA parts manufacturing processes for quality and durability. Materials are designed to withstand numerous solvents and variable temperatures when applied to various surfaces, including common fluid, smoke & toxicity, aging, temperature and mark permanence requirements.

Material Type: Metalized Polyester
Finish: Matte, light gray
Adhesive: Permanent Acrylic

If you are a member of the AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics you may optionally add your AMA membership number.

Flight ID Card

Flight ID card contains your FAA sUAS Certificate of Registration information along with an optional photograph. The card is similar in type and quality to a standard driver’s license. You will also receive a digital copy of your certificate by email which may be carried as proof of registration. The Flight ID card is optional. You must be able to show some form of your certificate while operating your drone, sUAS, RC, model or hobby craft.