The following example list may be used to identify if the FAA requires registration of you Drone, R/C aircraft or sUAS. The list is updated frequently and does not contain every drone on the market. If your drone weighs between .55lbs and 55lbs the FAA requires registry. If you are a manufacturer and do not see your drone listed, please contact us to submit an update.

Drone, RC, sUAS NameDo I Have to Register?ManufacturerWeight (lbs)
3DR Iris+Yes3DRobotics2.8
3DR Solo (with gimbal)Yes3DRobotics3.9
3DR Solo (without gimbal)Yes3DRobotics3.3
Air Hogs Millenium FalconNoAir Hogs0.1
Blade 180 QX HDNoBlade0.2
Blade 200 QXNoBlade0.4
Blade 350 QX3YesBlade2.1
Blade Chroma w/ 1080p cameraYesHorizon Hobby3.1
Blade Chroma w/ 4K cameraYesHorizon Hobby3.1
Blade Chroma w/ GoPro-ready gimbalYesHorizon Hobby3.1
Blade Chroma w/ fixed GoPro mountYesHorizon Hobby3.1
Blade Glimpse FPV HD cameraNoBlade0.2
Blade Inductrix QuadcopterNoBlade0.04
Blade Mach25 FPV RacerYesBlade1.1
Blade Nano QX 3DNoBlade0.06
Blade Nano QX FPV BNF w/out HeadsetNoBlade0.05
Blade Nano QX FPV RTFNoBlade0.05
Blade Nano QX RTFNoBlade0.04
Blade Pico QX RTFNoBlade0.02
Blade Vortex 250 ProYesBlade0.9
Cheerson CX-10C NanoNoCheerson0.03
Cheerson CX-STARS MiniNoCheerson0.01
DJI Inspire 1YesDJI6.5
DJI Inspire ProYesDJI6.3
DJI Mavic ProYesDJI2.4
DJI Phantom 4YesDJI3.1
DJI Phantom 4 ProYesDJI3.1
DJI Phantom 4YesDJI3.1
DJI Phantom 3 AdvancedYesDJI2.8
DJI Phantom 3 ProfessionalYesDJI2.8
DJI Phantom 3 StandardYesDJI2.7
DJI Phantom 2 Vision+YesDJI2.73
DJI Phantom 2YesDJI2.2
DJI Phantom 1YesDJI2.64
DJI Spreading Wings S900YesDJI7.05
DJI Spreading Wings S1000YesDJI8.81
Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 2.0NoExtreme Fliers0.08
Helimax 1SQNoHelimax RC0.07
Helimax 1SQ V-camNoHelimax RC0.07
Helimax 1Si (with camera)NoHelimax RC0.1
Helimax 230Si (with camera)NoHelimax RC0.3
Helimax FORM500YesHelimax RC3.1
Helimax Voltage 500 – 3DYesHelimax RC2
Hubsan x4 (H107L)NoHubsan0.5
Hubsan x4 FPVYesHubsan0.8
Hubsan x4 NanoNoHubsan0.03
Hubsan x4 ProYesHubsan2.3
Hubsan x4 cameraNoHubsan0.1
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 (Elite Edition)YesParrot0.9
Parrot Airborne Cargo minidroneNoParrot0.1
Parrot Airborne Night minidroneNoParrot0.1
Parrot BebopYesParrot0.9
Parrot Bebop 2YesParrot1.1
Parrot Rolling Spider minidroneNoParrot0.1
Quanum NovaYesHobby King1.9
Sky Viper m200 NanoNoSky Rocket0.06
Sky Viper s670 Stunt DroneNoSky Rocket0.1
Sky Viper v950 HDNoSky Rocket0.3
Syma X5NoSyma0.2
Syma X5CNoSyma0.2
Syma X8YesSyma3.2
Syma X12NoSyma0.03
Tayzu Titan X8YesTayzu12
UDI U818A-1 Discovery (HD model, not lighter WiFi model)YesUDI0.8
UDI U842 FalconYesUDI0.8
Walkera Furious 320YesWalkera1.8
Walkera QR X350 PROYesWalkera3
Walkera QR X350 PremiumYesWalkera3.6
Walkera QR X900YesWalkera15.3
Walkera Runner 250YesWalkera1.2
Walkera Scout X4YesWalkera4
Walkera Tali H500YesWalkera4.5
Walkera Voyager 3YesWalkera8
Walkera Voyager 3 GoProYesWalkera8
Yuneec Typhoon GYesYuneec3.7
Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4KYesYuneec3.7
Yuneec Typhoon Q500+YesYuneec3.7
Yuneec Tornado H920YesYuneec11
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