First Anniversary of the Drone Registration System

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Over the last year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has made great strides toward integrating unmanned aircraft UAS – otherwise called “drones” – into the nation’s airspace. The first step took place last December 21, when a new, web-based drone registration system went online.

Over the last year, the system has registered more than 616,000 owners and individual drones. As part of the process, applicants receive and must acknowledge some basic safety information. That means more than 600,000 drone operators now have the basic aviation knowledge to keep themselves and their friends and neighbors safe when they fly.

11 Comments on “First Anniversary of the Drone Registration System”

  1. Awesome! This is a hole new world. The view from up high is breathtaking. I recommend a drone to anyone who wants to see just how important it is to love Mother Earth and protect what is the true treasure, OUR HOME!

  2. I registered my drone, I think that it is a good practice to educate all and teach responsiblity to all pilots. It is just smart business, register your drone…

  3. I will never register. Waste of Time. Waste of Money. Get out of MY airspace FAA and do something useful.

    1. John, Drone Registration is mandatory as required by the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration. It is required so that drone operators stay informed of rules and regualations that keep the skies, and those beneath them safe.

    1. Thank you Captain for doing your part. Stay informed and to keep the skies safe for everyone and enjoy your hobby.

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