FAA Drone Registration Support

Select the type of FAA Drone Registration you need and we'll assist you with registration, provide labels, flight ID cards and training. We are not affiliated with the FAA. Here you may purchase drone registration labels with your registration information and Flight I.D. Cards with your registration information.

Recreation only, select Recreational FAA Drone Registration.

Operating a drone for-profit business services you will select Commercial FAA Drone Registration.

FAA Drone Registration

What type of drone sUAS registration or license do I require?

Recreational FAA Drone Registration

Recreational drone registration is for those who fly drones solely for recreation, and not for other non-hobby purposes.

  • You will receive a certification and registration number by email.
  • You must display your registration number on your drone.
  • You may use the same registration number for many aircraft. Each must be individually labeled.
  • Download the sUAS Rules & Regulations Handbook.
Recreational FAA Drone Registration Support

Government FAA Drone Registration

If you want to operate a UAS for a government entity – such as a publicly funded university, law enforcement agency, fire department, or any other federal or state government agency – you have two options:

  • Follow the same requirements and operating rules for Commercial users, the FAA’s small UAS rule (known as “Part 107”).


  • To operate the sUAS drone for government entities outside of these rules, you may apply for a blanket public Certificate of Authorization (COA). A COA will allow flights at or below 400 feet in Class G airspace nationwide, self-certification of the sUAS pilot and the ability to obtain emergency COAs under special circumstances. Learn more
Government FAA Drone Registration SupportDrone Rules and Regulations Handbook

Commercial FAA Drone Registration

Commercial drone registration is for those who fly drones for commercial, government or other non-hobby purposes. Commercial Part 107 Drone Registration is required if you will be using the drone to make money. This includes selling photos or videos.

  • Commercial drones will receive a unique Certificate of Aircraft Registration for each aircraft.
  • You will receive a certification and registration number by email.
  • You must display your registration number on your sUAS.
  • You must pass an aeronautical knowledge test.
  • Download the sUAS Rules & Regulations Handbook.
Commercial FAA Drone Registration Support

Educational FAA Drone Registration

The use of UAS by students in accredited educational institutions as part of their coursework will be allowed under recreational guidelines for model aircraft.

The interpretation also clarifies that UAS can be operated for demonstration purposes at community-sponsored events, provided that the aircraft operator does not receive any compensation, related to the operation of the aircraft.

Students can learn how to design, construct and operate small unmanned aircraft as a component of a variety of courses. These uses fall under recreational use, and schools and students should follow all the same rules as a Recreational Drone Pilot.

A course instructor can only provide minimal assistance to a student flying a UAS when the primary purpose of the course is not operating the UAS.

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