FAA Tracking Number (FTN) Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the FTN, FAA Tracking Number
The FTN is a number assigned to you by the FAA that stays with you throughout the course
of your aviation career. Your FTN is assigned to you by the FAA after you complete your
registration in IACRA or will already exist if you have a previous airman certificate. Please
record your FTN as it will be required later by your instructor and/or certifying officer.

2. Why do I need my FTN prior to taking the knowledge test?
Adding the FTN to the airman knowledge testing process makes it possible for the FAA to
streamline the overall airman certification process proving a better service to the aviation

3. When will the FTN change occur?
The FTN change will be effective January 13, 2020.

4. Do mechanic applicants need an FTN?
Yes, all applicants applying for FAA certification must obtain an FTN number even if the IACRA
application is not used to process your application for certification. Mechanic applicants only
have to obtain an FTN number. IACRA will not need to be used for submitting mechanic
applications to Airman Certification at this time. The Mechanic application process will be
incorporated into IACRA at a future date.

5. Do I already have an FTN? If so, how do I find my FTN?
If you have been issued an Airman Certificate in the past, then you already have an FTN
whether you realize it or not. Even mechanics have one.
Go to the IACRA website and log in or register for a new account. If you are a previous
certificate holder, make sure you enter your certificate number during the registration

6. How does the FTN process work? What are the steps?
1. All applicants must register or obtain your FTN on the IACRA website before
scheduling your FAA knowledge test.

2. After obtaining your FTN, you must enter your FTN into the PSI Services LLC test
delivery system as part of your registration and scheduling for any airman knowledge

3. Once the PSI system verifies your FTN, you will be able to create a user profile in the
PSI system and schedule your knowledge test.

7. When do I need to have my FTN?
You will need to have your FTN prior to scheduling and registering for any FAA Airman
Knowledge Test scheduled on or after January 13, 2020.

8. Is my FTN the same as my FAA Certificate Number?
No, your FTN is a different number than your certificate number.

9. I know I have an FTN, but lost it. Do I need a new FTN?
No, once you’ve been assigned an FTN, it will remain with you for your entire aviation career.
Please go to the IACRA website to view your FTN.

10. Do I need an FTN to register for an FAA Airman Knowledge Test (AKT)?
Yes, all AKT registrations will require an FTN to begin the registration process for testing on
or after Monday January 13, 2020.

11. Where do I enter my FTN to schedule my FAA Airman Knowledge Test (AKT)?
To schedule your FAA AKT, you will first need to create an account using your FTN in PSI
Services LLC test delivery system at https://faa.psiexams.com/FAA/login

12. Will I continue to use my FTN to access my account in the PSI Services LLC test scheduling
system after creating an account?
No. When you create your account in PSI’s system, you may choose a username and
password. You will use those credentials to access your account in PSI’s system and register
or check the status of your AKT.

13. Whom do I contact if PSI Services LLC scheduling system is not finding my information
after entering my FTN, First Name, and Last Name?
First, log into IACRA, to make sure the FTN, first name, and last name match exactly to what
you are entering onto PSI Services LLC account creation site. If they match and you are still
unable to create an account, contact PSI Services LLC for assistance.

14. May I still use my Applicant ID to register for an FAA Airman Knowledge Test (AKT) on or
after January 13, 2020?
No, FAA Tracking Number (FTN) will be replacing the Applicant ID which was previously an
applicant’s eight-digit birth date or nine-digit virtual ID.
15. Besides scheduling for an FAA Airman Knowledge Test (AKT), is the FTN used for other
If applicable, your recommending Instructor and Examiner will need your FTN. You may also
need to reference this number to inquire about your application.

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