The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)

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Aeronautical Knowledge and Safety Test Update.

The FAA is developing The Recreational UAS Safety Test or TRUST in three stages. First, the FAA developed the test content with input from drone stakeholders. Next, the FAA issued a Request for Information seeking to work with drone stakeholders on the administration of the test. The FAA is now ready for the third stage, to make the test available to recreational flyers through FAA Approved Test Administrator of TRUST.

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  1. Interested. I am a commercial UAS operator, and my cert. expires in three monts. People in my community want me to host a recreational drone class. I am preparing to retest in May for my commercial remote pilot operator certificate, and would like to teach. I graduated with a BS in Science in 2018 from the College of Education at California University of Pennsylvania. I had a triple major in mechatronics, robotic engineering technology, and an industrial research project to integrate medical delivery drones into critical and non-critical supply chains and courierships. I am all about drones. I fly an American drone commercially, and I build recreational drones. I am excited that drones are getting a better profile, and I look forward to helping develop future pilots.

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