FAA Wants You to Avoid Drone Registration Schemes

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The FAA today has warned drone owners, especially drone hobbyists to avoid drone registration schemes. There are several websites which do not offer any real product and only offer to “help” register their drones with the FAA. Some of these websites charge a premium fee for helping with the registration process — with reports of up to as much as $150.00.

There are other websites which also are using the FAA logo and graphics taken from their website in an attempt to imitate the FAA website.

The actual FAA Drone Registration fee is five dollars for three years. You must also properly mark your drone with a label, agree to abide by the FAA unmanned aircraft, sUAS drone rules and know important FAQ’s.

Important Drone Rules for Flight

• Always fly below 400 feet altitude.
• Always keep your unmanned aircraft in sight at all times.
• Never fly near manned aircraft, especially near airports.
• Never fly within 5 miles of an airport.
• Never fly over groups of people, stadiums or sporting events.
• Never fly near emergency response efforts.
• Never fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Always be aware of FAA airspace  Temporary Flight Restrictions.

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