FAA has Established Drone I.D. Rulemaking Committee

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Who is operating that drone? That’s the question law enforcement and homeland security want to know when an unmanned aircraft (UAS) appears to be flying in an unsafe manner or where it’s not supposed to fly.

Currently, there are no established requirements or voluntary standards for electrically broadcasting information to identify an unmanned aircraft while it’s in the air. To help protect the public and the National Airspace System from these “rogue” drones, the FAA is setting up a new Aviation Rulemaking Committee (PDF) that will help the agency create standards for remotely identifying and tracking unmanned aircraft during operations.

The rulemaking committee is in its second day of the meeting as of today, June 22 and is scheduled to meet again tomorrow in Washington, DC. The meeting is not open to the public.

The group’s membership (PDF) represents a diverse variety of stakeholders, including the unmanned aircraft industry, the aviation community and industry member organizations, manufacturers, researchers, and standards groups. The rulemaking committee has several major todos on its list:

  • Identify, categorize and recommend available and emerging technologies for the remote identification and tracking of UAS.
  • Identify requirements for meeting the security and public safety needs of law enforcement, homeland defense, and national security communities for remote identification and tracking.
  • Evaluate the feasibility and affordability of the available technical solutions, and determine how well they address the needs of law enforcement and air traffic control communities.

Eventually, the recommendations it produces could help pave the way for drone flights over people and beyond visual line of sight.

9 Comments on “FAA has Established Drone I.D. Rulemaking Committee”

  1. I would like to get info what i need to used my sUAS aircraft TO be able to use it for fun and when to use it in cirtten Events of my S.A.L. SQUADRON for aireal use age. How much is it and where may i go do it with an retired Pilote .

  2. I am confused as to whether or not my hobby drone needs to be registered. Hasn’t the registration been deemed unnecessary?

    1. Changes in the newly passed National Defense Authorization Act, signed by President Trump on Dec. 12, will affect those who receive drones as gifts this holiday season.

      New regulations require all drone owners to register their unmanned aircraft systems with the Federal Aviation Administration.

      This is a change from previous regulations that exempted two groups: those with drones lighter than .55 pounds and those with memberships in community-based organizations focused on safe and appropriate use through established guidelines and education.

  3. My name is Officer Hovdal with the Quartzsite Police Department in Quartzsite Arizona. I have located an R/C style airplane with the F.A.A number of (??????????). If you could help me locate the information on this F.A.A number
    thank you.

    1. If the drone or sUAS weighs 250gm or greater it is required to be registered under the special rule for model aircraft section 333.

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