FAA Safety Briefing: You and UAS

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The FAA Safety Briefing for May/June changes it’s focus to the (UAS) Unmanned Aircraft System or commonly know as Drones. Featuring articles on UAS integration into our airspace, who requires a certificate, where you may find additional resources on the web, law enforcement guides, and more.

We’ve included some links below to the full publication as well as individual sections of which may be of interest.

Download (PDF)

Download (EPUB)

Featured Articles:


2 Comments on “FAA Safety Briefing: You and UAS”

  1. I recently bought a drone to start a small commercial aerial photo business. I have a pilot presently taking
    the course for certification and to acquire the license. I will not personally be flying the drone, but will own it and run the business. Am I legal this way.

    1. The pilot and operator of the drone will be required to pass the Part 107 Pilot examination and to be registered. The drone must also be properly marked with the registration information.

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