Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems over People

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The FAA has given notice today of a proposed rulemaking to allow for drone flights over people and at night.

The FAA proposes to amend its rules applicable to the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). This rulemaking would allow operations of small unmanned aircraft over people in certain conditions and operations of small UAS at night without obtaining a waiver. It would also require remote pilots in command to present their remote pilot in command certificate as well as identification to certain Federal, State, or local officials, upon request, and proposes to amend the knowledge testing requirements in the rules that apply to small UAS operations to require training every 24 calendar months. This proposal would be the next phase in integrating small UAS using a risk-based approach. These amendments would allow expanded small UAS operations and reduce the knowledge testing burden on the remote pilot in command certificate holders.

Read the full Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems over People proposed rulemaking document

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