Recreational Drone Flyer Test

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The Recreational Drone Flyer Test is Coming Soon and the FAA could use your help.

Are you part of the drone or tech industry? If so the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants your help to administer a recreational flyer knowledge and safety test to the widest audience possible! We have posted a Knowledge Test Administration RFI where you can read and understand what information the FAA is looking for and then submit your suggestions.

While the FAA develops the training and test content, they’re seeking your help to ensure it is administered in an effective way and is looking for input from both private and public sectors on how to make the test easily accessible to drone users.

“We love that the drone community is growing so quickly, and because drones can be flown straight out-of-the-box, we need to make sure that drone pilots only take flight once they know the FAA’s aviation rules and safety practices.”

“Congress requires that recreational flyers pass a test and we now have an opportunity to educate recreational flyers on drone safety and to bring new flyers into our extraordinary aviation safety culture.”

This knowledge test will be an important step to educate recreational flyers about the rules of the sky. The FAA says “.As we continue to safely integrate drones into our nation’s airspace. We look forward to getting your feedback by September 12, 2019.”

12 Comments on “Recreational Drone Flyer Test”

  1. I got some drones for my recreational use only.I use the fly map for drones,when will it be possible to have some where you can fly for fun.The test should be short not to long.

  2. There are millions of us out here who are very leery of government controls of any kind. That being said, I am glad to see that the FAA is taking bold steps to address the proper usage of drones. It is definitely needed. Please know that I support you in those efforts, as I monitor its development. Thank you.

  3. Think any test given should be basic and reasonably short I have been following the rules where as some don’t but the fact is that most of the nicest places are also the most restrictive but that’s some additional allowances should be made more fly zone opened to recreational pilots. There are large fields in many states that can be used for this purpose like in new york I would gladly take a test if it will allow me to fly love the photograhy from above been taking photos most of my life and this is a new dimension of taking pictures people seldom see. Please help us to continue flying as freely as possible and think about extending more fly zones

  4. I appreciate the process that you have to go thru to become registered but I agree with one persons comment that the pre-test for a recreational drone pilot might not be held to the same standard as a commercial pilot. But when death and/or damage could result from the actions of a improperly trained individual, I would rather be trained to a professional level.

  5. Absolutely agree. As a relatively new drone pilot (1 year) and a citizen who is returning to the United States for the first time in a while and for the first time with my drone. There are many shots I’d like to get, yet I find the country to be far more restricted than many other places i’ve been flying in recently. The noise pollution is quite minimal on smaller models such as DJI’s Mavik, and Spark series and I think that as recreational pilots we should be granted similar rights to other forms of photographer and videographers.

  6. Another new provision in the 2018 Act requires recreational flyers to pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test. They must maintain proof that they passed and make it available to the FAA or law enforcement upon request. The FAA is currently developing a training module and test in coordination with the drone community. The test will ensure that recreational flyers have the basic aeronautical knowledge needed to fly safely.

  7. I have been flying recreationally for a few years now, and I like that they are creating a test, but don’t make the test expensive, such as below 150 dollars. Also make the recurring test taking the same number of years if not more than what the registration lasts; I do not want this to become an expensive hobby.

  8. I wonder how much the test will cost? I’m sure it won’t be free. It cost me $71 US to take the Canadian ground school course so I could fly under recreational in Canada on a SFOC. I wonder if the FAA will except that in lieu of taking another test here.

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