Drone Remote ID Rule

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Drone Remote ID Rule Enters Regulatory Review

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  1. I am designing an experimental drone its class is unknown at this time it will be equipped with a electromagnetic current with magnet shavings to keep it charged. also GPS live feed with Garmin Home Base and Google Maps

  2. Areas that need improvement:

    1) Rural Flying where there is no Internet Coverage or Supplier coverage:
    You need a method of pre-identification, like filing a flight plan / operation area in LAANCE that allows drone pilots to enjoy usually very safe areas that have no cellular or WiFi coverage.

    2) Retrofit Drones with ID Beacons Rule:
    Allow for FAA to approve add-on ID beacons to allow existing Drones to comply with the rules vs being grounded.

    3) Micro-drone safety and compliance accessory waver to .1lbs
    .55 lb limit for micro-drones should include up to an additional .1 lbs of accessories related to safety and compliance with-in the coming rules for micro-drones. Lights, ID beacons, padded landing feet, blade guards. Upgrading Safety and Compliance should never be penalized.

    4) Hobby publishing to offset hobby cost to allow equal access to the skies
    Recreational flying should allow for online publishing of video as long compensation to the user does not exceed the costs of drone equipment and fees for that year.
    NOTE: IRS treated businesses that never showed a profit as a hobby at one time for taking business deductions. This rule change would allow a hobbyist to share photos and videos for lower monetization to help offset hobby cost, without entering Part 107 commercial rules. This is important to support equal access to this hobby instead of the FAA being seen as limiting hobby access to the skies to only the wealthy.

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