Second Set of UAS Facility Maps Released

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The FAA has released the second set of UAS Facility Maps. As mentioned previously (The FAA Has Published the First Set Of UAS Facility Maps), the UAS flight maps will be rolling out in a patchwork like method covering areas and specific locations which may be more sensitive than others first. The maps may be found through the arcgis portal and you may read more about the UAS Facility Maps here.

6 Comments on “Second Set of UAS Facility Maps Released”

  1. Just realize that if you live in a moderately urban area, that there probably are very few if any areas you can fly legally without informing a couple of “airports.” These likely include any hospital that helicopters can land at as well as bodies of water used for seaplanes. Good luck getting the correct numbers to contact these. The B4U fly app is pretty much worthless for finding this information. And it isn’t clear how you are supposed to inform them or how you are supposed to document it. Or how the “airports” are supposed to treat people flying tiny drones below the treetops. When I’ve called usually either no one knows what to do or I am chastised for wasting their time reporting my 1oz drone flying in my backyard well below the 75ft tall tree in my yard. I have 6 “airports” within 5 miles, not one of which is what anyone would call an airport, half of which have no contact information or incorrect contact info. And all of which I must contact some time before (some say 72hrs in advance, some say same day) every time I want to fly 2 ft off the ground. All of which encourage me to follow the advice I periodically get given when I try to contact the “airports”… stop bothering them and just fly below the trees in my backyard.

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