Super Bowl 2018 is a No Drone Zone

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Super Bowl 2018 is off limits to drones. But it’s not just the stadium where your quadcopter will be grounded.

The Federal Aviation Administration, banned drones for a 34.5-mile radius for the 2017 Super Bowl around NRG Stadium in Houston.

The ban has yet to be released for the 2018 Super Bowl at the U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN, however, it’s expected to be the same ban. A circular area of more than 3,700 square miles is pretty hard to police, but local law enforcement officials are aware of the ban, and NORAD — the North American Aerospace Defense command — is enforcing the ban. So don’t plan on getting some up close shots the athletes or the halftime show with Justin Timberlake!

2 Comments on “Super Bowl 2018 is a No Drone Zone”

  1. What is the is the reasoning for such a large area? Other than the usual: because we can, we feel like it, and it emphasizes how important and powerful our agency is. Does anyone really think there is an actual hazard being avoiding allowing drone flights 34.6 miles away but not 34.4 miles away. Or even, gasp! 10 miles away. Where we still wouldn’t be able to see the stadium as anything but a glow on the horizon.

    1. Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, MN is expected to bring over 1000 private and chartered aircraft into surrounding airfields during the brief period before and after the event. Private aircraft and drones will be restricted from flying near U.S. Bank Stadium during, before and after the SuperBowl LII. These aircraft must make plans ahead of time with local airfields for takeoffs and departures. Temporary flight restrictions (TFR) within 30 miles of Minneapolis stadium will go into effect. This does not include commercial, emergency, police, medical flights. Restrictions such as this are common for large sporting events like the Super Bowl.

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